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Dr. Ahmad Y. Okeil

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  • In 2005, I will be serving as president of the Arab Society for Computer Aided Architectural Design (ASCAAD)  ...more
  • The Architectural Enlightenment text book has been updated ...more


Dr. Ahmad Okeil received his B.Sc. in Architecture in 1981 and his M.Sc. in Architecture in 1987 from Alexandria University followed by a Dr.Ing  in Architecture in 1994 from The Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany. His Ph.D. thesis work was in the area of Utilization of Solar Energy in Architecture and Urban Design.  Since 1981 he has been involved in teaching in several universities including Alexandria University , Arab Academy for Science and Technology, American University in Cairo and the United Arab Emirates University.  He has taught a wide range of studio and theory courses, including all levels of Design Studios, Building Construction, Advanced Computer Applications in Architecture, Building Acoustics and Illumination and Environmental Control.  He designed and taught new courses for post graduates and undergraduates.

He is an active member of the academic and social communities.   He served as advisor of the engineering student association, sponsored architectural competitions for students, and served as an academic advisor.  His education and working experience in a very varied set of institutions gave him a broad perspective dealing with students and colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds.  He is currently the president of the Arab Society for Computer Aided Architectural Design ASCAAD.

His research interests are varied and include include: Energy Efficiency in Architecture, Urban Planning, and Urban Design, Thermal comfort in Buildings, Building Acoustics and Illumination, Virtual Reality Applications in Architecture and Architectural Education, Computer Applications in Recording of Architectural Heritage.  He  engaged as a principal investigator or as a co-investigator in developing and implementing five funded research projects in the past five years.

Both his teaching and his research focus on using technology to enhance but not displace traditional methods and techniques.  Through university grants he was able to secure funding for equipment for a Virtual Reality Lab.  He designed, constructed, and managed a three sided virtual reality CAVE system which is used in teaching Architectural Design, Urban Design, Building Construction and History of Architecture courses. 

As a licensed architect he practiced architecture in his office in Alexandria, participated in national and international design competitions and gained professional experience.  This helps giving his students firsthand experience on the conscientious integration of theory and practice.